Moving Checklist

Changing one’s residence or office, happens at least once in one’s lifetime. For some people, moving can be quite simple. They find joy in packing their things and the thought of moving out. But if you find packing your things completely stressful and time consuming, then you should create a moving checklist. Creating a checklist may give you a headache at the beginning but when you actually move out or move in to another place, the move will be much easier and less of a hassle.

Getting organized is very important to minimize expenses. Checklists will serve as your guide when the big day comes. You don’t have to constantly remind yourself of what you forgot or what you need to do next. It’s all written down on paper, you simply have to glance and see what you hadn’t checked or crossed out yet. Your moving checklist shouldn’t only include the things you need to bring but it should also include the things you need to do. Create separate checklists for moving in and a separate checklist for moving out. Prepare those checklists ahead of time before the moving date draws near.

Getting organized can be difficult but when you have properly done so, you’ll enjoy ticking off or checking your checklist. There is no hard and fast rule in making a moving checklist. Do your checklist in your own style. You need to sit down and think of all the things you need to do, any possible contingencies and other things that you can think of. Once you have created a moving out checklist, make several copies and post your checklist on the wall as it should be visible to everyone and to you. It would even be better if you assign people different tasks so everything gets done much quicker.

In your moving checklist, list down all the things that you need, might need and should probably lose. Moving out does not mean that you should be mindlessly packing your things. The first thing you have to do is to determine the things that you want to bring with your new place or office. There are things that are best left behind or placed in the trash. There might be furniture that will likely clash with the current set up or it won’t just fit right in the new place. If there are things that you shouldn’t take to your new place, you can either sell it or donate it to one of those charitable institutions. When you sell things that you don’t really need to bring with you, it will earn you more money and lessen your moving expenses.

You should stop buying consumable things like lotions, air fresheners, large bleach cleaners when the day of your move is getting nearer. You should also start buying packing supplies and boxes. With the things you don’t need out of the way, you can start packing things that you don’t usually use like extra beddings, curtains etc. When packing your things, segregate them into boxes like the essentials, office stuff, kitchenware etc.

Aside from a list of the things that you should keep and dispose of, you should create a list of the things that you need to do like making reservations for movers. Or other things like getting organized with all your documents, files and records. Basically, what you need to do is to determine the current memberships that you have, like current subscriptions or membership fees and business contacts. Inform them that you are moving away and the address of your new place. You should also file a change of address. Inform utility services companies that you plan to move and what are the steps that you need to do to terminate the service or continue the service in your new place or settle your account.

There are so much more things that you need to do like, going to your bank and clearing out deposit boxes and informing them that you are moving out. Days before moving out, you need to settle all your accounts like as people who borrowed from you to return your things and you should also start returning things that you borrowed. Have your auto registration transferred. If you have pets and plants decide what you need to do with them. About two days before moving out, make sure to confirm your travel arrangements.

When you move in, you need a move in checklist. Thoroughly inspect the condition of the new place before you move all your things in. Take down the condition of the fixtures, walls, ceilings and floors. Test everything in the house like switches, air conditioning, faucets etc.  Be sure to take pictures to provide you with proper documentation.

moving checklist is not the magic solution to moving problems but it will surely make your move much easier and more organized. All these things differ from person to person, therefore, its best that you create your own checklist so that it could adequately answer your needs and your situation.

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